Can introverts sell?


Too cool to sell: at the Tsukiji market

In today’s world of services, selling is one of the most important skills needed in the new flat structure whether you’re a consultant selling your ideas to a client or a boss persuading your employee. Usually we associate “selling” or the ability to influence with extroverts.

Can introverts sell?

In a report by Andy Grant, “Rethinking the Extroverted Sales Ideal : the Ambivert Advantage”, he found that extreme introverts and extreme extroverts brought in relatively equal amount of revenue. Those in the middle, the Ambiverts, turned out to be the best salespeople. Statistics showed that Ambiverts brought in 24% more revenue than introverts and some 32% more than extroverts.

Extreme extroverts could lose out on sales when they fail to listen attentively to customers needs. Instead they could dominate conversations, impose perspectives and ideas on clients.

What can start introverts on a good start ?
1. Invest in a CRM system to track sales, client information.
2. Be prepared to put in the hours
3. Have a systematic process of selling with facts. Attend sales training if you’ve never gone for one. Insurance and real estate agency provide training at a fee.

Introverts have certain strengths – they are empathetic listeners and are more methodical.

What they need to brush up on:
-Presentation skills
-Product knowledge
-Small talk
-Self efficacy and resilience

Social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube
Mere exposure – familiarity through repeated exposure
Talks – give presentation
Centre of influence – regular referral source
Networking events
Trade shows
Organise events
Industry events
Write a book – be known as expert
Websites/ blog
Seminars – organise talks

For more reading:
Thomas Murphy, “Successful selling for introverts”
Sean Lim, “Even Introverts can sell”

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